artificial diamond
  high-speed grinding wheel for roll collar
  diamond drilling tool
  non-pressure infused reamer
  electroplating diamond product
  diamond and CBN grinding wheel
  grinding wheel for cement pipe
  diamond edge grinding wheel
  abrasive stick
       Our company is a new corporation optimized and rebuilt on the base of the two state-owned enterprises, Diamond Industry Corporation of East China Metallurgy Geologic Prospecting Institute and Superhard Material Research Institute of East China Metallurgy Department. It is one the advanced enterprises owning the most categories, the broadest covering area in market and the strongest developing capacity in domestic superhard material industry at present.
       The company mostly produces various specifications of “Caishi” series metal bonded grinding wheels, resin bonded grinding wheels, diamond grinding wheels for cement pipe, various specifications of diamond geological drilling tools, engineering drilling tools, CBN grinding wheels, electroplating diamond grinding wheels, drilling tools, hard magic and soft magic grinding wheels and other diamond tools.
      Presently, the company owns 25 engineering technical persons in the speciality of powdery metallurgy (in which there are 6 senior engineers.) General engines are the primary employees developing WC diamond grinding wheel successfully in China.
Our company gave the research subject on the demand of Maanshan High-speed Wire Rod Mill in 1987. In the next year, it was listed in “Production Planning of National-level Important New Product” and then cooperated with Maanshan Steel Plant and Shang Steel Plant. This production achieved success in that year. Supported by original Shanghai Metallurgy Industry Institute, this product passed product technology authentication in Huangshan City (No.: 88-19) and was honored the Third Award of Science and Technology Progress by Shanghai Metallurgy Industry Institute. From then on, the high-speed WC grinding wheel realized localization, replacing import. This product has been widely used in the Shang Steel No.2 Factory, Capital Steel Plant, Panzhihua Steel Plant, Maanshan Steel Plant, Handan Steel Plant, Tangshan Steel Plant, SINOSTEEL Corporation, Jiuquan Steel Plant, Tonghua Steel Plant, Qingdao Steel Plant, Kunming Steel Plant,
Wuhan Steel Plant, Fujian Sangang Plant, Sugang Corporation, Zigong Hard Alloy Plant, Bao Steel Plant, Nanjing Steel Plant, Baotou Steel Plant, Bayi Steel Plant, Nanning Steel Plant, Zhuzhou No.601 Plant, Beitai Steel Plant, Chengde Steel Plant, Xingcheng Steel Plant and Shihua Steel Plant, etc., as well as has been imported to Philippines and Indonesia together with grinding mill made in Suzhou since 1987. Presently, our company has covered 68% of national high-speed wire industry; and has won broad authorization in reputation and quality.
       Since been engaged in the research of artificial diamond product from 1976, our company has formed a high-quality production and technology team, advanced production and test equipment, scientific management and rigid quality control system. In line with the concept of “quality first, reputation uppermost”, the company will win market with quality service, excellent product and favorable price. Sincerely welcome both domestic and foreign friends to create beautiful tomorrow!


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